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Creditable Automation Testing Fads For 2024

In this article, we will be talking about the top things about automation testing in 2024 that you need to be acquainted with.

1. Security Testing:

We are in a crunch when it comes to security. We found the top 10 worst security breaches of all time in the year 2023, based on how many people were affected. This is the reason why in 2024, security testing will be the talk of the town because it is getting more and more crucial to be mindful of security testing as it has started affecting open-source, which is used by a considerably large volume of people building applications these days. So if security testing was not your concern till now then make sure it is on your priority list for 2024.

2. Acknowledgement Of AI Automation In Testing:

Gone are the days when people ignored the importance of AI automation.

2023 is going to bring a wave of acceptance and innovation in the field of AI automation and machine learning tools. AI automation solutions will improve testing rather than replace it.

3. Upsurge Of Python

Python will gain acceptance in the field of automation testing as AI acceptance grows. Python is like duct tape; you can do almost anything with it. Python is an astonishing language for creating awesome helper tools. Fact Check: Google makes extensive use of the Python library TensorFlow. It is safe to say that Python will be one of the most demanded skills in 2024.

4. Robotic Process Automation

Another rumble in the market of software testing is RPA (Robotic Process Automation). This is the right time to step into RPA, as it is gaining momentum. But what exactly is RPA? You run all different data scenarios instead of functional test automation. For example, if you have an insurance claim system with a workflow engine, RPA can be used to drive either part of the process or the whole process.

Automation of common business workflows removes potential risks of human error.

RPA is very similar to functional automation; the only difference is that RPA works along the lines of automating a business function instead of validating a piece of functionality. Automation is definitely a must-have skill in 2024. The field of automation is getting snarled up because some people consider themselves Selenium experts when, in reality, they are not, negatively affecting what a person can earn as a Selenium consultant. So to increase the value of your consulting or the value of what you bring to your target company, RPA is a skill you should have your hands on as the rate one can charge has dropped considerably because of the overpopulation in the field of automation in the past few years.

5. Low Code Automation Solutions

Selenium and Appium, which usually need to be programmed from scratch, can be improved with low-code automation tools. This trend of creating automated tests without much coding effort will be on the rise in 2024. These solutions cut down on a lot of effort by managing a lot behind the scenes. You basically get all you want without putting in much effort. The bottom line is that it will make it easier for the brood to get started with automation without getting bogged down in the minutiae of Selenium and Appium.

6. Smart Test Execution

Smart test execution is the next thing on the list of trends. Instead of running all tests, you can use this to automatically determine which tests to run. A smaller test saves a lot of money and resources because it is targeted in nature and thus speeds up the process. Failure in tests aids in the establishment of a direct relationship between tests and results.

7. AIOps

AIOps is about expanding Artificial Intelligence from functional testing to all software development activities. It is able to take the information from a given function and create a test model depending on what happened in the given function. Then, it uses this mode to automatically make performance and functionality tests based on all the information it has collected. It will also use machine learning to help you make decisions and show you important things you might have missed. So those are the top credible 2024 forecast trends. Please share your thoughts on automation by 2024 in the comments section below.

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