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Manual Testing

Manual testing refers to a testing process that is carried out manually by the tester.

Introduction to Manual Testing Services

Manual testing is reliable in all methods. Automated tests may neither be able to show up a slight error in any data nor can it combined through the files in a detail which may result in missing out a minor mistake.

Though initially, it may be a very slight error, in the long run, it may turn out to be a thorn in the path and create menace for all the functions the software tends to present. We, at PerfectQA, an outstanding manual testing company are here to check the quality of the software essentially and then check the conditions and characteristics of the software manually with our manual testing services. Hence, Manual Software Testing process means a complete and 100% surety of having the best-tested software in your hand and that can be done in the right way with our manual testing services.

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Our Process

1. Read the requirements document carefully and understand the application under test.

2. Create test cases based on the requirements for manual testing. When creating test cases, make sure to cover all the functionality of the application and all possible input values.

3. Execute the test cases and document the results.

4. Raise defects if any bugs are found during testing.

5. Retest the bugs after they are fixed and verify that they are indeed fixed.

“We were very pleased with the work with PerfectQA Team and specifically, Rahul conducted QA for us. He found a number of major bugs and lots of minor ones which we had not picked up in our own testing. This helps us tremendously. Thank you!”

Josh Troop , Vice President of Marketing

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