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Web Automation Testing

Automation Testing speeds up the time it takes to get a product to market.
Automation Testing speeds up the time it takes to get a product to market.

Introduction to Web Automation Testing

Automation testing helps in conducting tests in a shorter period when compared to manual testing and achieves quick time-to-market. You can now build your own tailored testing solution and earn higher ROI. We provide software test automation services with expertise and technology proficiency to boost client’s productivity while reducing conversion efforts and risks associated with the transition. we leverage functional automation testing to give you test results while using the manual testers of exceptional experience to cull out the subtle bugs thereby providing results-driven testing solutions.

The modern needs of Software test automation have become complex. A Software architecture that extends to multiple platforms, communication layers, devices, and domain-specific functional and security needs has made manual testing inadequate to test all nodes of Software functionality and performance. A true automation strategy must reach the critical areas of the Software, both seen and unseen, and discover defects or deviations.

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Our Process

In the first phase, test planning, designing and development, the goals and objectives of the testing process are defined.

In the second phase, web tool acquisition, the appropriate tools for testing are selected.

In the third phase, execution and management of the test, the test is carried out and managed.

Finally, in the fourth phase, test review and assessment, the results of the test are evaluated.

“We were very pleased with the work with PerfectQA Team and specifically, Rahul conducted QA for us. He found a number of major bugs and lots of minor ones which we had not picked up in our own testing. This helps us tremendously. Thank you!”

Josh Troop , Vice President of Marketing

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