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iOS App Testing

Real apple devices were used to test the iOS app.

Introduction to iOS Testing

It is absolutely necessary to conduct application testing if you value your users and want to ensure that they have a positive experience with your app. Our testing team is here to ensure that your iOS application meets all of your users’ expectations and operates as intended.

The rapid advancement of smartphone technologies has resulted in a steady increase in the number of mobile apps, which now span almost every industry, from entertainment to e-health and e-government. Due to the user-centric nature of applications, iOS testing services are always in demand due to the legibility of iPhone and iPad users.

Image by UX Indonesia

Our Process

However road to mobile transformation is challenging particularly when it comes to assuring and maintaining quality of your app on mobile platforms.

How to check the compatibility of app to the latest OS platform release?
How to check the compatibility of app to the latest OS platform release?
How to validate end to end scenarios involving web mobile and legacy systems?
How to validate scenarios that have carrier Network dependency?
Can you or your mobile application testing companies test fast enough with each release of your app to ensure 100% business assurance?

“We were very pleased with the work with PerfectQA Team and specifically, Rahul conducted QA for us. He found a number of major bugs and lots of minor ones which we had not picked up in our own testing. This helps us tremendously. Thank you!”

Josh Troop , Vice President of Marketing

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