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Why Outsourcing App Testing Is A Great Idea?

If you are into the field of software testing and have double thoughts about getting your app testing outsourced then what you are going to read next is definitely going to be an eye-opener.

App User Retention:

Before we move ahead it is important for you to know about App User Retention. App User Retention basically is the capability of your app or user to retain its users over a period of time. It is pivotal for your app to create an influence on its users and for that, it needs to allure customers within a few days of the app being brought into action.

The reason why I am talking about this is App User Retention is because the user retention rate is so bad these days that one survey shows that 95% of users toss out the apps and move on to another app providing a similar service

The reason behind this is that app developers compromise with optimization and stability of their apps by relying only on the in-house team which sometimes lacks competency. In order to combat these issues, Outsourcing App Testing is on rising.

Formerly outsourcing app testing was considered as an option to be cost-effective because having a testing team of your own impacts your investment-return cycle.

You have to end up investing a substantial amount of money on test engineers, buying testing tools, and training them on basis of the goals of the business. Even after this, the returns on investment are not guaranteed.

But now outsourcing has benefits more than just bringing cost efficiency.

1. A Dedicated Testing Team

Hiring a team of professionals basically saves you from tedious work of making a team from scratch.

When you hire a team, you basically hire a group trained already according to your business demand which saves you from soul destroying job of getting people together and also training them according to your business goals. Also establishing a team well versed with automated testing requires hefty time and resources.

The team you hire are trained professionals providing affordable services and transparency in management and thus makes it budget friendly.

2. Effective Quality Control

Outsourcing can help you achieve neutral and impartial testing conclusion.

Outsourcing an expert team helps you involve rivalrous and suitable resources to accomplish the task.

These teams deliver software on time, decreases effort, saves a lot of bucks and most importantly give test results on earlier stages of app development, thus improving the app user retention metrics.

Outsourced team deliver bug free product within time limit.

3. Focus On Main Capabilities

As users have multiple choices to serve them, stats shows only 25% consumers return back to the app for 2nd time.

In scenario of such a high competition, an outsourced team can skillfully authenticate utmost flaws in app thus assuring superior app growth and better bug detection.


Outsourcing is thus not a loss but a risk reduction process that helps create impact and everything goes great once the app is deployed because these testing companies follow a well-balanced and simplified method of testing apps thus ensuring greater impact.

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